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Belt-Bag, Waist-Bag or Fanny-Pack… Whatever you call it, IT’S IN!
Jasmine Smith | 02 May 2018

90’s nostalgia retains its reign in the fashion circuits as it influences everything from apparel, to footwear - to now bags!  

To be precise, the ‘Fanny Pack’… or ‘Belt Bag’ (if your looking to elegantly side-step any tourist connotations and regain a deserved amount of sophistication) is the bag of the moment.



Perhaps this year’s most elevated bag in terms of popularity - the Fanny Pack has made an impressive comeback and is now being designed by high fashion houses and worn by those that are claiming this nerd-chic accessory as a must-have!

Details and materials have changed in order to generate a modern appeal - the bags once athleisure-only acceptability has now been swapped out as Taste-Makers serve up ensembles that are every inch trend savvy.

You’ll find that although canvas and nylon are very much still go-to fabrications for this trend, leather, velvet and satin are the materials of choice for the more trend orientated wearers.

Zips and functionality is also down-played and not as frequently seen on the modern Fanny Pack.  The minimalist notion continues to be played out at large - with single flap designs being the most worn amongst fashion influencers.

As for the brands - Gucci is perhaps leading the way with their monochromatic, logo-heavy belt-bags and can be seen on a mass array of fashionably noted Instergrammers and Influencers.



Off-White, Coach, Stella McCartney and Prada are all following suit and creating high-fashion pieces that celebrities by the likes of GiGi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jared Leto are all wearing (YES - men - this is a style for you too!)

Now how exactly do YOU wear a Belt Bag with casual and fashionable ease!?  

Here are a few tips…

-    Embrace the versatility of the bags positioning.
Clinch in your waist with a Fanny Pack strapped tight around your middle, giving strength to an hourglass figure and minimizing voluminous outfits in order to show off your femininity.
OR throw it over your shoulder casually - wear it as a handbag or slung low on your hips.
Exercise your options here for a modern take on a statement piece.

-    Look for Fanny Packs that are crafted out of lush materials - leather, velvet, satin.  The more you step away from the sports linked fabrics of nylon and canvas, the more fashion savvy you will look.

-    Lastly - don’t go too big!  You don’t want to add any unneeded bulk to your outfit.  Keep your Fanny Pack choice small.  Look for something that is just big enough for your essentials - phone, lipstick, credit card!