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Trend Alert: POM-POMs
Jasmine Smith | 29 November 2017

The Pom-Pom trend is undeniably cute in application, girlie in nature and boasts of Mediterranean vacations (or wishing of!)  But it also hovers on the edge of craft-store get-up, drawing on a cheapness that doesn’t match its fashion-forward devotees as displayed on any Instagram feed.

On-Line, it is one of the most picturesque trends of the season, a focal point for so many ‘Influencers’ - but in real life, Pom-Pom’s need to be styled correctly in order to strike a balance between Fun-and-Flirty and DIY-Over-Do!

The key to working Pom-Pom’s to your stylish advantage is to make them the focal point - the style accent of any outfit  - while maintaining simplicity throughout the rest of your attire.

Aim for ONE pom-pom adorned garment or accessory only.  Anything more would be risking a complete fashion fail.

Whether you choose a brightly coloured garland of small Pom-Poms to hang off the sleeve-edge of your T-shirt, dress hem or the bottom of your shorts or larger more accented Pom-Pom’s on a hat or sandals, the undeniable advantage is that  Pom Pom’s can take a serious garment (LBD for example) and insert gorgeous amounts of fun into it, or a relatively simple one (the white Tee) and create a fashionable edge instantaneously.

So keep your styling simple, opt for only ONE item to accent in Pom-Pom’s and you’ll channel those Island vibes in the most stylish of ways!

Here are 5 ways to work Pom-Pom’s this season:



Keep it minimal by adding a singular pom-pom onto your bag of choice via a keychain.  This is more for the sophisticated fashionista who would like to try the trend without fully diving into a garland of puffs.


2) BAG

Non-Intrusive but playfully on-key, carrying a bag embellished with Pom-Poms is a slight wink to the trend.  It allows huge amounts of freedom in your chosen apparel while still maintaining an air of girlish adventure.


Incredibly fun and flirtations, emerging in a swarm of delicately placed Pom-Poms around your feet is sure to have you stepping to a samba beat no matter where you are walking.  Pom-Poms around your feet can activate your attire and take it from something predictable to something incredibly vibrant.


Bold to say the least, adorning an every-day and oversized sweater with equally big and bright Pom-Pom’s is the way to take this trend to the next level.


Pom-Pom’s on a jacket can be a great way for the more mature Fashionista to embrace this very child-like trend.  Always look for ways to reinterpret trends in a manner that is age-appropriate.

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