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Seaton’s success linked to China
Véronique Saunier | 20 November 2017

UK-company Seaton Chemicals decidedly owes its success to China. Established in the north of England in 2004 and specialised in emulsions and emulsion polymerisation technology, its products became such a hit in China that in 2010 its founders decided to transfer the production in Guangdong province. In 2012, due to ever-growing demand, a sales office was opened in Hong Kong, closely followed, in 2013, by the establishment of a state-of-the-art laboratory in Panyu, near Guangzhou. The latest development is the opening, in 2015, of a new production company, Nanxiong Seaton Chemicals, in the north of Guangdong province.

“Our customers are using Seaton products to make all types of articles from shoe upper and handbag leathers to garment and sofa leathers,”  describes  the company’s Chief Operating Officer, John Clegg . Exhibiting for the first time, Seaton chose the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) as the launching pad of the company’s new marketing strategy. “We have hired a new Sales Manager who has brought fresh opportunities and so we have decided the time was ripe to let the world know we are here,” confides Clegg.

The company’s strength resides in its compelling R&D expertise which results in the perpetual development of new products.  Seaton has become famous for the production of a fine range of specialty effect waxes which are used predominantly in the finishing of fashionable shoe and handbags leathers. “Our R&D experts have become highly-experienced in melding our advanced emulsification systems with unique combinations of natural and synthetic waxes,” Clegg explains.

“For a first strike, it is a master stroke,” says Clegg, very pleased with the results of the company’s participation in ACLE. “My vote is we will be back next year.”