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Spanish Inpelsa constantly developing new products
Véronique Saunier | 23 October 2017

Spanish company Inpelsa is a world leading lambskin tannery specialized in double face, Nappa, Nubuck and Suede.  “Our double face is known for its lightness and for its quality and is used to make leather goods, garments and shoes,” declares the company’s General Director, Manuel Rios Navarro.

This family business founded in 1975 has customers all over the world including in China.  “Our focus is to collaborate with our customers with whom we constantly develop new products,” Navarro says.

Such customer dedication requires a good deal of innovation and creativity therefore Inpelsa dedicates a lot of effort to Research and Development .

Most recently, the company was involved in the development of a new coating for textiles and skins, involving the reevaluation of the byproducts generated in the tanning process. It resulted in a more sustainable production process capable of reducing environmental cost and offering a more natural material.

“The market is looking for natural products that differentiate from fake leather,” insists Novarro.

Inpelsa is also most concerned about sustainability and traceability: the company produces its own energy supply of which 80 per cent of the company’s energy consumption comes from green energy power work. In terms of traceability, the company has its own supply organization which buys mostly from Spain where supply is secure and traceable.

A long time exhibitor, Inpelsa has been faithfully exhibiting at ACLE for the past 20 years. “This is where we keep contact with our Chinese customers and where we find new ones,” says Navarro.