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GOODBYE to the classics!
Jasmine Smith | 10 May 2017

This season, footwear plays an essential part of ensembles.

Shoes are no longer simply an afterthought or accessory to an outfit but the point at which the fashions of 2017 revolve around.

They add notable amounts of character to the feet of fashionista’s and are doing so via pop motifs, unusual heel shapes and adorned materials.

These new-style-high-heels have come around because the ‘classics’ are just not exciting anymore. They are predictable and have simply taken a backseat in order for more individualized heels to step out with considerable amounts of flair.

Just look at ERDEM’s silk and leather flatforms - they raise your height and elongate the leg in a modern way that lends to a more grounded feel when compared to what is on offer via the glamour of a classic high heel.

Prada joined this movement with seventies-inspired graphic numbers, Gucci was not shy of making a statement either! The big names are taking up the challenge of reinventing the classics and presenting shoes that are next-level when it comes to materials, trims and adornments!

So, abandon the well-known rules of footwear this season and look to step out in styles that stand out rather than simply compliment your wardrobe.

Here’s a few tips on what to keep an eye out for in order to become an uninhibited shoe maverick of 2017:

    This is an area where experimentation is welcome and not at all limited to just materials! Take this ‘combination’ concept all the way through to colours and textures and you’ll be notably on trend!

    Are stilettos still current - well - only if they are adorned with rhinestones, covered with pop-motifs or completed with a heel constructed out of the brands logo (Saint Laurent does a fantastic version of this!)

    It’s all about extravagance in terms of height and shape! Anything that is a sway away from the norm is completely on-trend this 2017.


So say GOODBYE to the classics and enter 2017 in refreshed styles.

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