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Jasmine Smith | 10 April 2017

Season after season the BACKPACK has remained the focus of the fashionable tastemakers and the trendsetters alike. No celebrity, designer, or student in fact can turn a blind eye to both the holding power and practicality this style of ‘carry-all’ has.

What all these years on the catwalk has managed to install within the backpacks reputation, is a more sophisticated ideal that replaces the playful reminiscence of pony-tales and stubbing toes, chasing girls and throwing stones at the neighbors cat.

Backpacks are no longer restricted to the school yard, but a fashion staple with is well worth the investment.

This season, luxury designers like Versace gives us the black optical illusion and sequin covered backpack, Louis Vuitton presents a leopard printed and monogrammed version and Valentino sent models down the runway carrying tan crocodile backpacks that were pure lusciousness.

Versace BackPack

Louis Vuitton Leopard Print Backpack Bag Fall 2016

Valentino Tan Crocodile Top HandleBackpack Bag Pre Fall 2017

There was also an array of more subtle and minimal designs on the market! Take the high street brands Nike and Patagonia, who both injected style into their more functional carriers with colorblocking while MCM and Tumi express a more artsy side of styling with their display of tasteful graphics. Leaving it to COS and Whistles to give us the ultimately simplistic and uber modern plain leather backpack - ALL which allow the consumer a huge array of variation when it comes to their backpack of choice!

As with all trends, which inevitably seem to be some sort of past creation revived, there is one quirk that makes the backpack of 2017 very much a modern statement - and that is the way the backpack is CARRIED!

Designers this season are encouraging the backpacks be carried in the hand from the top handles - which absolutely ignores the practicality of the back straps but does dub the bag ‘2017’!

The impracticality of carrying by hand not quite for you!?

Then here are a few ways to style your backpack so it is a true representative of 2017’s fashion…

  • Print on Print WORKS!

    If you are opting for a colour-bright look, why not work your pop-motif backpack into your ensemble by matching colours from the backpack with various colours of your chosen apparel.

    A well tailored and semi-conservative dress with a bold and bright pattern will look absolutely runway-savvy with a hand-held backpack of the same mood.

    Just don’t overload the eye! Pull out up to 3 colours to work with in your outfit - any more and you’ll resemble a rainbow!

  • Monotoned but PATTERNED

    Give your outfit texture (and therefor a whole heap more interest) by wearing various textures and prints of the SAME TONE as your backpack. This subtle merge will add huge amount of dimension to your look.

    Even out your tone-on-tone look by pulling in a simple white tee and blue jean to ensure you divert attention to the right area (your backpack and matching patterned piece!)

  • Tomboy Perfection

    Black blazer, black pants, white tee and white sneakers. Simplicity at its BEST! No more styling advice needed for this look! It is a classic.

Source from Fashion Access Exhibitors:

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