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Time to TIE: Lace-up boots of 2017
Jasmine Smith | 03 April 2017

The feature of 2017 is most definitely the feet! And the shoe that designers are decorating your tootsies with: Lace-up BOOTS.

Now lace-ups might be detailed and very time-consuming in terms of construction, but they are undoubtedly the perfect style in which to stride with confidence into 2017.

If you are blessed with good time-management, patience and the fingers of a piano-player – then this trend will come easy to you. If you’re lacking any one of those attributes, then attempting this lace-up trend might put you at risk of breaking a nail or being late for an event as these laces take time! Just cross you fingers the boots you choose come with a cheeky side zip that will make your job easier.

With corsetry-like attention being intricately applied to boots by multiple designers, the Victorian feel that comes along with this trend is being applied in various ways, making for an ultra modern take on a look that bases its history in the 1800’s!

Take Prada’s black suede, open-toed pair, which are lusciously laced with stand-out and brightly coloured shoelaces! Or the incredible casual-chic take on the trend as mastered Rag & Bone via their leather boho version of biker-boots - something which is celebrated in the exact opposite way by Anna Sui who lavishly went for deep velvets, embracing the victorian origins with floral weaves to showcase her take on the seasonal trend.

Prada's black suede open-toed boots

Rag & Bone Lace Up Boots

Anna Sui Lace-up boots

Anna Sui Lace-up boots

Anna Sui Lace-up boots

No designer turned a blind eye to this laced-up addiction, instead, they all seemed to interpret this age-old trend in a way that suited their individual style. Taking the lace-up appeal and turning it into a mainstream fashionable MUST-HAVE that suits a wide range of trend-savvy females!

From ankle to thigh-high, laces seam their way up various lengths of leg, all of which are acceptably fashionable and very much a staple look of the season.

So take your pick! Go casual, ostentatious, boho or elegant and you’ll still be wearing this trend in a way that compliments the sartorial vibe of 2017 - you have options!

Boots can be worn in a strict manner, laced up tightly and thrillingly high! Or quite the opposite is stylishly accepted; Woven loose around the ankle and leg, worn with socks and stockings and open backs to showoff whatever if worn underneath (with layering being the key to mastering this particular way of wearing the trend).

Now don’t discount the more fitness-orientated boot either! With ‘athleisure’ at its finest this 2017, those who prefer a less fussy style selection will be happy to know that you are being catered for also!  Dior has embraced a seriously sexy athletic boots, as has Versace! Classic sports brands like Puma are sporting styles that are the most user-friendly boots of the season, a definite buy for the beginners out there who fear for the more complicated tying efforts needed by other designers.

Dior Athletic Lace-up boots

Versace Athletic Lace-up boots

Puma Lace-up boots

Rihanna Fenty Puma 2017 Spring Lace-up Heel Sneaker Boots

Rihanna Fenty Puma 2017 Spring Lace-up Heel Sneaker Boots

Boots with front laces are trending this season – the only choice that they leave you is how high dare you tie?!

Style Tips:

  • To add a touch of Rock-Chic to an evening outfit which is more ‘cocktail’ in category, wear a black pair of polished lace boots. Anything from mid-calf to thigh high will create an edge to your outfit that will contradict the expected stiletto but keep non-point with this season’s key look.

  • A pair of tight black pants with never do you wrong when partnered with a pair of black lace-up boots! They will also work in your favour in terms of visually extending the length of your leg! Pair these both with a statement jacket and you have an awesomely street-wise look.

  • Wanting something a little more low-key? Why not try the ‘un-done’ look, partnered with equally oversized and casual apparel which will increase your BoHo sensibility!

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