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Essma brings the glory of cashmere back to India
Véronique Saunier | 06 February 2017

“We wanted to do something unique that differentiated us from the “pashmina” craze,” explains Subhendu Ghosh Dastidar of the Indian company Essma. “Rather than being optically Indian, we rather bring the sense of being Indian to our products,” he adds. 

The result is a very fine yarn able to create stoles and shawls which even though are the standard sizes are very light: 50 grams for Essma’s flagship product called “soufflé”  which is so compact that it can easily be rolled up and tucked in a purse. 

Essma’s creations are very contemporary yet they are using century old traditions. They have been attracting international buyers since Essma’s first participation in Cashmere World.