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“Moving Toward Sustainability” is a program launched by APLF, designed to help exhibitors at APLF Materials+ and Fashion Access become compliant with the environmental measurement standards and requirements set by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition or SAC, the apparel, footwear and home textile industries’ foremost alliance for sustainable production throughout the supply chain. The SAC’s active membership is comprised of a third of the world’s most recognised brands — the brands you want to do business with.

The core of this sustainability initiative is the Higg Index, a suite of self-assessment tools to measure the environmental, social and labor impacts of a company’s operations and identify areas for improvement; with modules for facility, brand and product. FEM (Facility Environment Module) is the module of Higg Index which is used for factories to measure their environmental sustainability in a simplified way. All SAC members, including brands and their suppliers, commit to using the Higg Index and to collectively revising and improving it.

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What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Once your assessment score is verified, this will be recognised by SAC member brands, avoiding repetitive audits by individual brands.
  • It allows you to implement the sustainability management in your factory in a simplified way.
  • It enables you to understand and quantify your current sustainability level and helps you identify the improvement opportunities from different segments of sustainability including resource use.
  • It allows you to post your score in the SAC platform where it can be seen by your customer or potential customers. 
  • When fully implemented, the costs savings would be significant.
  • A Higg Index certificate and logo indicating your score will be displayed on your booth’s fascia and in your APLF.com online showroom.
If you have any questions regarding the APLF.com showroom update, please contact Ms. Tong at [email protected].