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Moving Toward Sustainability: An APLF Green Initiative

Running greener meetings and producing more sustainable events is at the top of APLF’s agenda. APLF has made efforts to minimize its environmental footprint and make its events more sustainable. Our ambition is to become a model for sustainability practices. In addition to reducing waste and providing safe, fair and secure jobs for its collaborators, APLF has launched the following initiatives:

- We actively reward and endorse exhibitors who incorporate sustainability in their core mandate. We do this through our Materials + Sustainability Programme, which recognises exhibitors who have implemented policies and practices in line with Corporate Social Responsibility principles. This label makes them clearly recognizable and can be used in their marketing campaigns.

- A successful sustainability programme necessitates the engagement of as many participants as possible and taking every opportunity to promote and provide education about sustainability. Conferences such as the Sustainable Fashion Conference which was launched last year invite experts, brands, associations, vendors, keynotes, and sponsors to address topics and discuss issues related to sustainable production and development.

- We also advocate for sustainability by telling the real-life stories of our exhibitors and their journey toward environmental sustainability. The APLF blog regularly publishes articles discussing companies and projects that strive for or have achieved excellence in terms of sustainability. The blog’s articles provide a market visibility platform and explain clearly how these exhibitors achieve both their business targets and eco-friendly objectives.

Through these channels we will let you know what we have cut, what we saved, and how we are making a difference, modeling the transparency, accountability and sustainability principles we advocate for in every aspect of our organization.