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Nilo Cashmere Pvt Ltd - Swojjet scarf  - 70 x 200cm
Swojjet scarf - 70 x 200cm
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Jaguri Lurex

This products is made with very fine raw silk from nepal and fine cashmere mixture , hand woven in eco friendly environment in hand loom

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Cashmere Lifestyle Accessories
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Nilo CaPure and Precious" is not only the theme of our company but also our central driving policy. If we know exactly our responsibility towards our staff and their kids, their health and their education as well as good food on a daily basis, we never have to worry about facing any labor problems. The company should respect their skills and their feelings and make them feel secure and happy. Work should not be a burden but rather a joy and a matter of pride for them. We cannot force people to work, because the work itself has to be a joy for them. “I myself have an experience of being an employee for 16 years, and I know very well what it means to be an employee" I started as an intern with 4 people in 2000 at Altai-Himalaya Nepal and was The Chief Production Manager for 140 people when I leave in 2016. It was a great experience for me (Tara)

That’s why the modern workshop is developed so as to have a deep appreciation for the artistry and traditional techniques of the local craftsmen. After a decade of working with another workshop in same field, we established the kind of rapport that was necessary to win the trust of the local artisans and carry on the culture and trust of the craftsmenship of Nepal and trust of all the customers all over the world. Our staffs are from different parts of country, from different religions and castes. We always reserves 40% seats for women and want to show that everything is possible if we consider all the human beings in equal terms.

All Nilo products are hand crafted (hand spun and hand woven) on traditional wooden Handlooms or in wooden hand jacquard loom in a traditional way in Nepal with Social, ecological, authentic and sustainable way. Please note that all our products are hand-woven, so variations on each products and colors may occur unique, it is just part of the hand made character.

Each year we travel across Mongolia and Inner Mongolia to look after the wellbeing of the cashmere goats whose fine under down provides the source material of our kind.

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