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Perfect for overnight, short travel bags

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Walls Gallery is a partnership conceptualized in 2013 as a brand name under the then registered “BasketCase” in 1997 which was catering to the gift basket industry. Walls gallery was a set up to accommodate personal art collections which eventually opened its space to art exhibits of artists in need of a venue. During these exhibits, it was soon realized that although art is for all, not everyone can actually afford to purchase artists’ works. Walls Gallery offered to produce gift souvenirs for the exhibits to enable students to buy a “piece” of art. The artists allowed their art to be reproduced on home and fashion accessories in limited quantities and exclusive for duration of the art exhibit. Eventually, buyers and recipients of these items came back for more which could not be accommodated due to limited run.

Given the popularity of the products, Walls Gallery approached artists in the collection and was able to receive written permission to reproduce their works in order to share their God-given talent to make appreciation of Filipino Art within reach of everyone. It is in this manner that we are able to share our collection to those who value Filipino Art and Culture and allow this to reach people as gifts.

As part of our social responsibility, we share a portion of the proceeds from the aspect of Walls Gallery to support the food allowance for ERDA (Education Research Development Association) students whose education is supported by the alumni of Xavier School and the PJAA Philippine Jesuit Aid for the care of elderly priests.

We are hoping that by incorporating these items as part of the product mix of Walls Gallery, we may be able to reach more with our vision to make Filipino Art accessible to many.

Walls Gallery is now run by mother and son Gigi Phua-Lim and Iam Lim.

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