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A company’s story is always a story of people who pursue their dreams, the same people who do everything to achieve them with talent and sacrifice. Massimo Santini began his journey in the world of footwear when he was a boy, growing up in a region where everything revolved around making shoes. Having always breathed in this magical atmosphere, his passion grew strong within him. In 1989, he made the big step: Massimo chose to go down the winding road of entrepreneurship alone with his ideas, preferring a life which initially seemed very uncertain but later he found a life that suited him better. He founded his company, Santini S.r.l., in Morrovalle, in Le Marche, without knowing wherever this decision would have led him: only halfway to a calculated approach and halfway to a mix of instinct, initiative and courage. This challenge began small but had great ambition and in a region dedicated to craftsmanship, where businesses were typically family-run, Massimo worked as the executive director, designer, creator and promoter of his own footwear lines, not to mention the hard work required to achieve his dream. Santini shoes had all the right elements to turn heads: their attention to detail, their modern style and the high-quality materials were the best business cards and it did not take long before they attracted the interest of international buyers. The Santini brand soon became a musthave for their boutiques and its shoes were an essential and appealing item among the most demanding female customers. Santini shoes thereby consolidated their position in the international market with the most popular trends. They are comfortable yet elegant shoes, travel companions with an unmistakable style resulting from the designers’ creativity and craftsmanship. These are shoes for dynamic women in step with the times. Santini shoes are unique and ageless. A unique sober style interpreted in many different shapes, for women and men. One soul for one collection inspired by contemporary life in contemporary spaces, expressing our way of being in the world: unique. Know-how, quality and style are the benchmarks that made LSR known internationality. Our company distributes its shoes in the most popular concept stores all over the world: from Russia to America, from France to England, Spain, reaching China, Australia and the United Arab Emirates! Our production is mainly realized inside our company. For our trademark the quality is very important and that is why we only work with specialized factories. At this time the production is realized in our four partner factories. The Lsr International can produce almost all kinds of shoes from the super-flat such as ballerinas to the high heels, always keeping an eye on absolute comfort. Our communication strategy is based on the contact with customers through web channels, where we interact daily with our followers and we share activities, emotions, journeys and interests. This includes direct input based on continuous contact, sales feedback, product support, catalogues and company brochures. The information and references for Santini products start from the offices in Italy and China and then spread around the world, to reach the boutiques and showrooms displaying our brands.

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Footwear : Ladies' Resort/Leisure Wear - Espadrilles, Ladies' Resort/Leisure Wear - Canvas sneakers, Ladies' Dress Shoes, Ladies' Casual Shoes, Ladies' Boots/Booties
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