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ACLE 2019 Onsite Interview : French Leather - Saudi Arabia’s leather producer proves optimistic and resilient
13 December 2019



Family run company French Leather was founded in 1984 in Toulouse, France. Under the leadership of its founder and president Roland Atik, it shifted its operations progressively to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where it became one of the major suppliers and traders of tanned skins, including sheep and goat wet blues, of the country. The entire production of the company is exported, mostly to Spain and Portugal in Europe but also to Asia including India, China, Indonesia and Japan More...

ACLE 2019 Onsite Interview : Raynaud Jeune - A company fully committed to environmental protection and sustainable production
13 December 2019


The French company Raynaud Jeune was founded by Elisée Raynaud in 1928 in Mazamet, a municipality in the Tarn department of southern France. During the 18th and 19th century it was central to the global wool industry. At its height, the town imported more than 100,000 tonnes of wool annually from the Southern Hemisphere. After processing, numerous establishments were involved in wool-spinning and into the manufacture of leather goods and gloves. More...

APLF 2019 – BIOSK: Henan company BIOSK doing good, promoting waste water recycling technology
24 July 2019



Founded in 1986, China-based company BIOSK Chemicals is a modern technological enterprise, engaged in new technology research and development, lean chemicals, quantum technology, environment protection equipment, product sales and technology services. For the past twenty years, it has been especially known for its world-leading tannery wastewater recycling technology used by tanners worldwide, for which it has obtained sixteen domestic and overseas patents. The BIOSK system functions by adjusting the process and by introducing certain pharmaceutical agents which have the effect of turning harmful waste materials into alternatives that enable long term and continuous reuse of wastewater.More...

APLF 2019 : Onsite Interview - Romans CAD
17 May 2019


With the objective of speeding up the supply chain and linking the brand directly to the factory, Roman CAD is helping footwear manufacturers increase their speed to market which is vital in a world of changing fashion and styles. More...

APLF 2019 : Onsite Interview - Unionpelli
17 May 2019


Unionpelli is a tannery based in Arzignano in Italy specializing in supplying hides to the automotive sector. The tannery produces wet blue and chrome free wet white. As Managing Director, Paolo Muraro explains, Unionpelli is focuses directly on smoothing out the supply chain by sourcing the bull hides required at nominated slaughterhouses so as to have complete control of the raw materials entering the tannery for processing. More...


APLF 2019 : Onsite Interview - PFI
17 May 2019

PFI Hong Kong Managing Director, Candice Wong, outlines the background of PFI and its mission so that consumers know what is the source of the products they are eating, wearing or simply using.More...