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Combating counterfeiting: Encrypted chip adopted by French leather goods brand
FNA | 04 February 2014

Delage bags protected by Selinko chip

The iconic French brand Delage has chosen the Selinko chip solution to protect its luxury leather goods range. The combination of heritage and technological innovation will provide unequalled counterfeiting protection while maintaining the luxurious quality so highly valued by devotees of the brand.

The Selinko chip will provide a unique and universally verifiable identity card for every one of its leather items, in order to provide highly secure and innovative protection against counterfeiting and to develop certain marketing services that can be accessed simply by scanning the product with an NFC-enabled cell phone.

In 2011, Philippe A de Vilmorin decided to revive Delage’s prestigious automobile brand by developing a range of leather goods inspired by the exceptional car upholstery of the 1920s and 1930s. By adopting the Selinko solution he brings to the Delage brand the best protection against counterfeiting, a problem facing all luxury brands nowadays. The first Delage bags to be fitted with the Selinko technology are expected to be available by June 2014.

Selinko is a Belgian company, formed in September 2012. It developed the first secure and integrated platform giving each object a unique and universally verifiable identity.

Each chip contains a certificate encrypted at hardware level, which can be read using an NFC-enabled phone containing the secure application and guaranteeing completely secure communication between cell phone and chip. Its solution is aimed at different sectors such as luxury goods, wines and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, art and design, sporting goods.

Information courtesy of International Leather Maker