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Sustainability: JBS announces sustainable hamburger
FNA | 11 November 2013

Sustainable - but how will it taste

Packer and tanning group JBS has launched “a more sustainable hamburger” in partnership with retail group Wal-Mart, reports Leatherbiz

As part of a wider initiative called Sustainability from Start to Finish, Wal-Mart has begun to sell the new hamburger at its stores throughout Brazil.

JBS said at the time of the launch that the new hamburger is more sustainable than previous versions because its production of the meat that goes into it generates savings of 21% in water and 13% in energy. The company also said the solid waste it was generating was 80% per tonne less than previous hamburger products, and that its recovery of by-products for use in other industries was up by more than 200%.

It said the new hamburger also registers an 87% reduction in carbon emissions.