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Chile: Salmon leather as beautiful as croc or snakeskin, says entrepreneur
FNA | 31 August 2012

Paulina Robson

The international news site Leatherbiz reports that Chilean entrepreneur Paulina Robson has emphasized the eco-friendliness of salmon leather in the promotion of a new range of handbags.

According to Ms Robson, the range is about making responsibility for the environment an integral part of the luxury accessories sector. She has acknowledged the work that some very prominent designers have done on sporadic products, such as shoes that Manolo Blahnik made from tilapia leather, but says very few leather goods and footwear brands seem prepared to sustain these efforts.

Paulina Robson - handbags made from salmon leather

“What we are offering,” she said at the time of the launch of the salmon-leather collection, “are eco-friendly articles that sacrifice nothing in terms of design or quality. All the fastenings are coated with 24-carat gold and the design and quality of craftsmanship are of the highest standard. Aesthetically speaking, salmon leather is at the same level as crocodile or snakeskin.”

Ms Robson won the support of Chile’s export promotions agency, ProChile, to travel to the US at the end of August to promote the handbag range. She has hopes of taking the collection to markets in Europe and the Middle East too.