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EU: Cadmium ban extended to plastic and jewellery items
FNA | 24 February 2012

EU has issued a new regulation that extended the current ban of cadmium in products to cover articles of plastic and jewellery, and brazing fillers, which shall apply to products first place on the EU market.

Under the new regulation, mixtures and articles made of plastic materials shall not be placed on the market if the concentration of cadmium (expressed as Cd metal) is equal to or greater than 0.01% by weight of the plastic material.

The new regulation also requires “recovered PVC” for building applications which may contain cadmium not more than 0.1% by weight of the plastic material to mark visibly, legibly and indelibly the words“Contains recovered PVC” or to bear the symbol as shown in the regulation.

Cadmium shall not be used in the following articles in concentration equal to or greater than 0.01% by weight of the metal:
- Metal beads and other metal components for jewellery making;
- Metal parts of jewellery and imitation jewellery articles and hair accessories, including:
o Bracelets, necklaces and rings;
o Piercing jewellery;
o Wrist watches and wrist-wear;
o Brooches and cufflinks.

Cadmium shall not be used in brazing fillers in concentration equal to or greater than 0.01% by weight. Brazing fillers are commonly used in brazing sticks that are used to join metal parts at temperature above 450°C for a small number of specific purposes, e.g. constructing model trains and cars. Brazing fillers used in defense and aerospace applications, and brazing fillers used for safety reasons are excluded.